Upcoming Schedule of Events 2015
Dates will be continually added as soon as confirmed

March 7:  Penny Bluegrass Association's Mid-Winter Fest, Vestal, NY @ the American Legion Post at 118 S.
Jensen Rd. Doors open @ 10am and music from 11am - approximately 6pm. For more information, contact
Gene Clayton at 607-748-6671 or e-mail gclay77@aol.com

March 22:  45th Marathon Maple Festival, Marathon, NY. The Gospel Way performs 11 am - 12 Noon in the
auditorium. Call Connie White for details regarding the Maple Festival 2015 @ 607-849-3960.

April 11: The Gospel Way will be in concert at the McGraw Methodist Church, McGraw, NY at 6:30 pm for an
evening of Gospel Bluegrass music. The concert is open to the public, and light refreshments will be

May 22nd - 25th: Penny Bluegrass Association's Memorial Weekend Festival at Wrench Ranch in
Coventryville, NY. The festival runs from Friday through Sunday night. The Gospel Way plays early Sunday
morning. For more information, contact Gene Clayton at 607-748-6671 or e-mail gclay77@aol.com

June 27th : 4th Annual Backyard Gospel Bluegrass Festival (Private Engagement)

July 10th-12th : Busy Bird Bluegrass Festival, 231 Ketchumville Rd., Berkshire NY, 13736. For more
information, go to: www.busybirdbluegrass.com/

July 17th-19th : Private engagement.

August 2:  Bill Knowlton's Bluegrass Ramble Picnic @ Dwyer Memorial Park, Little York, NY. 10 am - 6 pm.
The Gospel Way starts the day's event at 10am sharp.

Bi16:  Possible 1 day festival - to be announced.

9/3-9/7/2015: Wrench Wranch Roundup Labor Day Festival at Wrench Ranch, Coventryville, NY. For more
information, contact Tony Wrench at 607-639-1141 or 607-316-2730 for more info. The Gospel Way usually
plays around 10 / 11 am on Sunday, and we jam throughout the festival.

Keep watching for more dates!

Please call or e-mail for The Gospel Way to join your event-see contact information below.
G  O  S  P  E  L    B  L  U  E  G  R  A  S  S    M  U  S  I  C
T H E   G O O D   N E W S   T H R O U G H   M U S I C
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